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Ashover 2014 didn’t take place but 2015’s camp planning is well underway.

That includes an update to this website!

One big problem with the website in its previous format was that it wasn’t very friendly for non-PC devices such as phones and tablets. That’s going to change. The new website development software fully supports HTML5, which is cross-browser compliant and the changed interface will be aimed at easier access for campers and families alike.


This is the website of the annual camp from Hucknall National comprehensive and Hucknall National primary school to Ashover Camp. The camp has been running since 1947 and is closely linked to St Mary Magdelene church in Hucknall. The camp is open to pupils of these schools and their friends and many keep coming back to camp even after they've moved on from the schools. We have a couple of campers in the services who keep coming back from far-flung places to join in. These determined campers know how much fun it is and are willing to make it happen :-)

Uploading photos

If any ex-campers reading this would like to offer any of their camp photos to add to the site (in the password restricted area only, of course) then please go here and fill in the form. We'll be glad to consider any suitable photos for inclusion.

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